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ICTS Legal Services

Investment Consulting and Trustee Services is a boutique financial services company that provides support services to trustees and other stakeholders in the retirement funds and medical schemes industry.  These services aim to equip all industry role players to discharge their duties with confidence.

The employee benefits industry is a highly technical environment, often leaving service providers and trustees unsure, or even unaware, of all consequences of their actions.  ICTS Legal Services is able to provide relevant and meaningful legal expertise to ensure that you have considered relevant law, case precedent and contractual obligations in your decisions.

What is Legal Services?

South Africa is similar to the rest of the world as far as the latest legal trends go, specifically that legal services do not always need to be, and should not always be, provided either totally in-house or by a law firm. ICTS Legal Services is not a law firm nor a ‘legal practitioner’ which means that  we don’t have the expensive overheads associated with these firms. 

Many companies and funds see the need for outsourced legal services that don’t cost an arm and a leg and can be scaled up or down quickly as needed. We exist to provide an efficient, well-priced alternative to either (a) having to increase your in-house head count for capacity or capability reasons, or (b) having to use law firms for work that does not require a law firm and where law firms are simply too expensive. Having said that, in many instances we will work closely with your in-house legal team or external lawyers when the situation requires this. 

We provide the expertise and capacity so that you can get the job done. It all depends on what you want and what you need. We aim to support you in achieving your business or fund’s outcomes.

What can we do for you?

In our experience, every company has areas in their legal or procurement departments that simply need more capacity or expertise, whether on a longer term continuous basis or for a short term project that may place a temporary strain on resources. Examples of the type of services we can provide are set out below, however, if you have a need that is not set out below, let’s chat:

  • Contracts, mandates and Service Level Agreements – whether with service providers, agents, customers, employee, partners or others.

  • Complaint responses – Adjudicator, Ombud or other

  • Drafting of retirement fund rules, employer letters, etc (umbrella fund and stand-alone funds)

  • Publications – financial services industry, legislative, regulatory and legal updates – both internal and for customers (can be white-labelled)

  • Assistance with employee benefit and retirement fund matters: divorce orders, death claims, new products, 37D deductions, trustee legal queries, customer legal queries and all your other everyday business requirements

  • Managing litigation in conjunction with the business and law firm

  • Training and seminars for employees, customers and trustees on legal issues

  • Assistance with the legal issues around internal restructuring – such as regulatory and legislative requirements

  • Assistance with, training and consulting on regulatory projects and deliverables such as POPIA and TCF

  • Independent retirement fund Trustee, Chairman and Principal Officer services, including section 26 trustees

  • Policy drafting

  • Administrative services related to the above, for example, submission and management of rule amendments and adjudicator cases.

  • We can provide the above services on a flexible basis either  directly to customers, such as retirement funds, or through the intermediary broker or consultant for their own use or for onward submission to their clients.

About our team

ICTS Legal Services is headed by Leanne van Wyk.  Leanne has over 25 years’ experience in providing legal services to the financial services industry. Leanne has led a very successful legal services practice and has served as Group Legal Counsel at a leading financial institution.  She is active in numerous regulatory bodies and committees, including Past President of the Pension Lawyers Association of South Africa.

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