Trustee and Member Education Services

Investment Consulting and Trustee Services (ICTS) is an industry leader in trustee and member education. Our experience covers educating trustees and members of retirement funds on the legal, technical and investment issues surrounding their specific funds.

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  • With over 23 years experience in the industry, ICTS is one the most established, experienced and respected training companies, having spearheaded the establishment of trustee education in South Africa.

  • We provide a variety of courses from generic to fund specific tailored courses and the length of courses varies according to the subject matter.

  • Our courses cater for different levels of education and experience and are constructed on an interactive workshop-style basis.

  • Member education can also be tailored to specific needs and range from basic financial planning to retirement counselling and coaching.

  • Our professional educators have the relevant industry experience and ability to train at a suitable level and in the appropriate language

Trustee educational courses

Our trustee educational suite is useful for trustees who wish to focus on specific topics of study or who require more generic type of information.
These courses are:

Specialist courses are:

Member education

Member education is a positive step in the journey towards properly educating fund members. We excel in providing clear and innovative methods in our courses which allows for a much higher levels of knowledge retention. Creative course development is one of our specialties allowing the structure of our member courses to be dictated by our client’s specific needs. We deal with real issues such as debt management, investments, estate planning, health management, alternative sources of income, and much more.


Member courses are:

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